Mid-Season Break: Things to Do

With ten gameweeks behind us, this weekend sees the League of Ireland mid-season break for our players and staff. On the back of last week’s Derby win over Cork City, it’s safe to say however that Suart Ashton and his squad will be rearing to go for the remaining 17 matchdays!

To help you cope with a weekend of no LOI action, we’ve put together this list of things to do over the Bank Holiday weekend. Hopefully you don’t miss the Ramblers too much, and don’t forget we are back in action next Friday away to UCD, live on LOITV!

In the meantime, stay safe over the long weekend and check out some of our ideas below.

Cobh’s amazing tourist attractions – We may be biased but Cobh has some of the best tourist hotspots in the whole country. Spike Island is now back open after lockdown and the former prison site is simply a must visit for the whole family.

‘Summer’ BBQ – As we all know, Ireland’s weather is ‘changeable’ to say the least. But if the sunshine does allow then an outdoor BBQ is definitely on the cards. For those over 18 years of age, our friends at Porterhouse have the perfect accompanying beers for those summer evenings. Their range. including our favourite ‘Rambler’ beer is now available nationwide in Lidl, as well as many independent off-licenses. Please drink responsibly.

Improve those Football Skills – With football matches for all levels returning from June 7th, why not get out and hone those skills ahead of the big kick-off. Whether it’s the local park or the back garden, a good kick-around is hard to beat. And if you’re wearing Ramblers kit while doing it, even better. Pick up your Rams merchandise in our online store today!

Hit the Course – The Ramblers Golf Classic on June 25th isn’t far away and we’re sure our friends at Cobh Golf Club won’t mind you sneaking in a few practice rounds in ahead of the big day!


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