CRFC Statement on anti-social behavior

There was a repeat of anti-social behaviour from a very small minority of our support against Waterford last week. Their behaviour jeopardised the safety of players and officials.

One incident involved throwing an object onto the field of play and one where a young boy ran down the sideline during play. This is moronic behaviour and those individuals are letting down themselves, their families and the club.

They are putting the club in a position that may result in it receiving a fine from the FAI. This is putting the club under financial pressure and undermines the stellar work of the board and volunteers in this club and will absolutely not be tolerated. The individuals concerned have been identified and banned from attending any future games.

We would request also that parents communicate with their children and strongly emphasise the importance of behaving correctly in such social settings. We, as a club are providing a positive enjoyable experience but there is a responsibility on individuals and their families to adhere to our rules and respect our club.


Cobh Ramblers FC

Cobh Ramblers Football Club is an Irish football club. The club, founded in 1922 and elected to the League of Ireland in 1985, hails from Cobh, County Cork and play their home matches at St. Colman's Park. The club's colours are claret and blue.