A message from the board of Cobh Ramblers

We hope this update finds you well.

As the club is now officially a cooperative society, it is a requirement that the members ratify the interim board officially for the coming months as the elected cooperative officials.

As a result, we formally invite you to the first general meeting of the Cobh Ramblers Co-Operative Society which will take place on Sunday October 6th at 2pm in Cobh Ramblers Clubhouse.

Please note this meeting is an information session and ultimately the first general meeting to adopt the current board members officially to the board. The subsequent and first Annual General Meeting of the cooperative will then take place early next year which will officially be the first AGM of the co-op. Further details on this will be confirmed closer to the date in the new year.

We would expect this meeting to be relatively short as ultimately the agenda will be minimal. However, following the first general meeting on the day we ask all members/supporters/public and players to join us in our 2020 Workshop from 3pm – 4.30pm in the club lounge.

The aim of this will be to set up several groups within in the room and conduct brainstorming sessions on various topics, the board will facilitate and instigate the conversation topics and ultimately this will give all present an opportunity for the club to improve on previous tasks and implement new ideas that may come to fruition for next year.

We feel this is a great opportunity for the community and members to have a voice while providing ideas of what can be implemented within the club next year. This workshop and brainstorming session could be critical for revenue streams and cost reduction going forward and most importantly future pathways for the next generation of footballers.

We would encourage you to spread the word about this information session and invite anyone who may have an interest in our great club to come and take part. If we are to continue to progress and succeed it’s important that everyone has a voice, and this session will provide everyone with an opportunity to provide insight and knowledge. Ultimately, we are looking for a mix of members/supporters/players and public to take part in the event on the day.

Below is a brief timeline/schedule of the day:

  • 2pm – 2.45pm First General Meeting
  • 2.45pm – 3pm  Break
  • 3pm – 4.30pm 2020 Workshop

Please note in contrast to the date provided in our August co-op newsletter the date has been pushed out to October 6th for this meeting.

We would encourage all members to take part in this workshop, as this is the initial start and planning for the 2020 season ahead, let’s be stronger together and lay strong foundations for next season.

Thank you for your continued support and help throughout this season,

Kind Regards,

The Board of Cobh Ramblers


Cobh Ramblers FC

Cobh Ramblers Football Club is an Irish football club. The club, founded in 1922 and elected to the League of Ireland in 1985, hails from Cobh, County Cork and play their home matches at St. Colman's Park. The club's colours are claret and blue.